Ubuntu 11.10 开放翻译

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Ubuntu 11.10 现在开放各语种的翻译。

  • Translation schedule. Remember that according to the release schedule translatable messages might be subject to change until the User Interface Freeze on the week of the 25th of August.
  • Language packs. During the development cycle, language packs containing translations will be released twice per week except for the freeze periods. This will allow users and translators to quickly see and test the results of translations.
  • Test and report bugs. If you notice any issues (e.g. untranslated strings or applications), do check with the translation team for your language first. If you think it is a genuine bug, please report it.
  • Learn More. Learn how to start translating Ubuntu and enable millions to use it in their language.

同时,大家可以还有很多方式加入贡献的事业中,如国人制作的Linux Deepin版本也需要文档编写、相关软件翻译,可订阅邮件deepindev@googlegroups.com,进行相关事宜询问;
著名杂志Full Circle magazine的中文小组(翻译、校对、排版等)(订阅邮件fullcircle_clt@googlegroups.com进行相关咨询)


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本文链接地址: Ubuntu 11.10 开放翻译

本文链接地址: Ubuntu 11.10 开放翻译

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